Friday, January 18, 2013

Gippsland fires - a few safety pointers

Gippsland fires – terrible. 
But note a few safety pointers:

One man was well covered in protective clothing, but his hat was of straw. A straw hat can easily be ignited by falling embers, giving dreadful burns to the face. Wear a brimmed, strong, cotton hat that can be tied on.
ABC TV: tall, intense flames very close to homes, audio of a voice calling, ‘Hop in the car, quick!’  That is too late for ‘escape’. One man has died in a burnt out car. A car is not a safe shelter from an intense forest fire.
CFA telling people it was too late to evacuate, but off they drove. At that stage, you must take shelter. Learn how to shelter safely in Essential Bushfire Safety Tips.