Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Herald-Sun article by Patrick Carlyon tells of a man who had ‘escaped’  from a bushfire that threatened his house. 
‘He nearly died. He didn’t do anything silly’, wrote the journalist. No?  
He drove down a gully. One of the most dangerous places, as fire can be drawn, ‘roaring like an express train’ through gullies. 
He drove through smoke unable to see anything. He drove through ‘flaming branches - with 15 dogs hitched behind in a open trailer. Two died. He drove past a dam, in which he many have found useful refuge for himself and the dogs.  He did nothing silly?
Had he prepared himself and his property early in the summer and learned how to react safely – that would have been sensible. 
The CFA has praised Essential Bushfire Safety Tips as ‘truly an outstanding achievement and a book that certainly could help save lives within the community’.