Friday, February 15, 2013

Fuel reduction is not just for the bush and garden. Your furnishings are fuel, too.

A bushfire’s embers and flames can cause house ignitions, but the total destruction of houses is caused by the untended burning of its contents. So inside your house needs its own hazard reduction.

When an unattended spark or ember from bushfire is blown inside a house, it smoulders, flares, and fire spreads through furniture and furnishings, clothes and kitchen contents, papers and plastics and fly-sprays and cleaning fluids until only ash and twisted metal remain.

People need to be aware which aspect of houses lead most to the most destruction:
not the cladding, the contents!

Hazardous furnishing fabrics
·        Cotton, rayon, linen, and acrylic.
·        The plastic coating of fibreglass fabrics.
·        Nylon, terylene, and dacron and other synthetics.
·        Polyurethane foam padding. 

Protective furnishing fabrics Cannot be ignited by flame

·        Pure, untreated, heavy quality wool.
·        Natural leather.
·        Good quality vinyl.

Even your wall linings can make the difference between life and death for those sheltering inside a house during a bushfire.  If smouldering, many give off extremely toxic gases.