Friday, February 1, 2013

radio interviews

Radio interviews coming up:
Monday February 4, 9.45 am. Coast Fm, South Australia, with Roy Garreffa.
Saturday, February 2, 9.15 am, 94.1 FM 3WBC Box Hill. ‘Live the Good Life’, with Vivienne Benton
Saturday, February 2, 6.40 am, 107.9 ABC Western Victoria, with Rob Pelletier 


The bathroom is the most dangerous place to shelter from a bushfire. 
27% of Black Saturday fatalities had hidden in bathrooms. 
When embers get inside the house the burn it from the inside, out. If they get into the ceiling space, eventually rafters ignite and the ceiling falls in. 
If 'caught out', and not actively defending, shelter by an exit door. Go outside thwn safe to do so, with protection from a pure wool blanket.Thick grey blankets from army disposals' stores are usually pure wool, and not expensive.
The blanket doesn't need to be wetted. Pure wool insulates. Just wet it near you nose to make a filter to breathe more easily in the smoke. 
Essential Bushfire Safety Tips, endorsed with high praise by the CFA and bushfire scientists, explains every aspect of staying safe during a bushfire threat. It’s cheap house and life insurance.