Thursday, October 17, 2013

In bushfire, lives are not lost or saved by miracles or 'Acts of God' but by the knowledgeable or foolish acts of people.

Unsafe sheltering causes many bushfire deaths. Minimise travel, shield yourself in the lee of a solid wall, in a vegetation-free gutter or ditch – even behind a wide tree trunk. If in a house, stay by an exit door. Wrap yourself in a heavy-duty pure wool blanket.

Hazard reduction needs to be concentrated around towns, within towns, and most of all – in people’s heads.

Essential Bushfire Safety Tips spells out the hazards and benefits of each possible course of action - all in easy-access dot point one-liners. 
Bushfire scientists say it has the potential to save homes and lives. 
The CFA Calls it 'an outstanding achievement'.  It is cheap insurance.