Friday, November 22, 2013

Bushfire Safety Policy must reveal all safe options

The current  Bushfire Safety Policy issued by bushfire authorities states:

"A ‘Code Red’ fire danger rating predicts the worst conditions for a bushfire, 
and ALL residents of high-risk areas 
are advised to leave the night before or early in the day."

Will this include every patient from every hospital & nursing home
& every prisoner  from every gaol to be transported to where? 
Melbourne or Geelong? On the hottest days? 
Ambulances and prison vans all streaming along on roads 
congested with every evacuating resident from every rural town?

Or to will only the medical staff and prison officers evacuate 
– and leave the patients and prisoners to their own devices?

What of animal hostels, horse studs and vetinerary clinics?  
Will the staff evacuate and leave the animals – some ill in cages - to their fates?
Or will they evacuate the animals with them, 
travelling in confined quarters for long distances on the hottest days, 
subject to death from heat stress?

Bushfire authorities MUST advised the community 
of safe options other than evacuation.
People MUST be advised of the safe ways to achieve the three options 
- safe defence and safe shelter as well as the option of safe evacuation

Essential Bushfire Safety Tips and The Complete Bushfire Safety Book 
explain these options in detail