Thursday, December 5, 2013

The current State Bushfire Safety Policy Framework states:
“For survival, leaving early is the only option.
 This is not true

Post-2009 research for the Bushfire CRC[i] [ii] found that
·        Almost 80% of home defenders in the worst Black Saturday fires stayed safely to successfully defend their homes.
·        More than 2/3 of homes in the firegrounds were not destroyed[iii]
·        Of those who died ‘staying’, no evidence was found of any kind of defence
·        Many were sheltering dangerously inappropriately [iv]

That authorities are promulgating advice contrary to the scientific research
must be openly examined.
It is as much in the national interest as Australia’s alleged spying on Indonesia.

The community MUST be advised of safe options other than evacuation.
Homes abandoned to bushfire leads to far more destroyed than need be
and exacerbation of the public housing crisis.

People MUST be advised of the ways to achieve the three safe options:
safe defence, safe shelter and safe evacuation.
Essential Bushfire Safety Tips explains every option in detail.

Endorsed by the CFA
An outstanding achievement
and a book that could certainly help to save lives within the community.’

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