Thursday, November 6, 2014

Stay and Defend or Leave Early'.

LINK to my talk at the Daylesford Bushfire Forum: 
"Is 'Stay & Defend or Leave Early' still relevant?" 
'Stay and Defend or Leave Early'. Is this slogan still relevant?
Is any slogan relevant? Few inform. Few are factual. Few save
lives or homes. They are seldom science-based. Often

 So many slogans over the years. We’ve had:
‘People save houses. Houses save people.’
‘People and houses are safer together.’ ‘Stay in your house’
‘Stay and Defend or Leave Early’
‘Prepare, Stay and Defend or Leave Early’
‘Prepare, Act, Survive’.
And now: ‘Leave and Live’
Here are just a few of the non-factual, non-sensical new
mini-mantras spawned by the ‘Leave and Live’ slogan.
Far from raising consciousness, they increase ignorance and compound confusion. 
They contradict science, obscure facts, and immortalize errors.