Sunday, December 21, 2014

Don't wait to be told

On a  nasty, hot, dry, windy day today, any bushfire that starts will be nasty. 
Don't wait for one to happen near you. 
Don't wait to be officially told what to do. 
NOW is the time to put your plan into action: 
whether it is to evacuate, defend or simply shelter. 

A bushfire threat seldom arrives to a schedule. 
Any bushfire can be catastrophic when you don’t know enough of what to do. 
                            Those who plan to defend need to know how to do so safely.
Those who plan to evacuate need to know also how to shelter safely. 

SEE MY EARLIER POST  on The three core dangers to life -
1. Radiant heat
2. Smoke, toxic gases
3. Dehydration
Three core life protections -
1. Protective clothing. Pure wool blanket
2. Nose mask.
3. Drink, drink, drink

For everything to do with bushfire safety -
The Complete Bushfire Safety Book (Random House, 2000) has in depth details 
Essential Bushfire Safety Tips (CSIRO 2012) is the one-liner, dot-pointed ready reference