Thursday, November 29, 2012

Some comments from readers of
The Complete Bushfire Safety Book and  Essential Bushfire Safety Tips

East Gippsland  ‘You have made a big difference to the fire preparedness of a family in East Gippsland. I am not in the habit of looking up writers of books and lauding them, in fact I would normally be very disinclined to do so, but really, when we keep referring to your books like we have been, I want to give you total credit for informing us so well. For example, today (a day of fire danger) our family had a different sort of day than we would have had we not read your books.’
Taggerty ‘Your book was critical in helping to deal with the wildfires on Black Saturday.’
Warrandyte:  ‘This is BRILLIANT!!! Thank you for bringing some sanity to this skewed debate.’   
Central Goldfields, Victoria:`For a couple of city slickers who are moving to the country in just two weeks, your incredibly comprehensive and user-friendly book is absolutely essential’.
Brisbane: `I’m writing to compliment you on your wonderful book. Every school throughout the country and the Shire Councils as well should be given the opportunity to see it’.
Former NSW Bushfire Brigades Association former Secretary: 'I want every country dweller in NSW to read and understand this book. A masterpiece’.
 The 'Fireman' Journal, CFA, Victoria:  'There is no doubt that anyone who reads this book, and gives due weight to the information it contains will survive their next bushfire.  No household in afire prone areas should be without a well read copy ... the most authoritative publication of its type available'.
The Volunteer journal, CFS, South Australia: 'This is an important book that cannot be overlooked – it is essential reading for every householder in bushfire prone areas.