Thursday, November 29, 2012

The time to activate your bushfire home & personal safety plan is NOW. 

Be prepared as if for catastrophe every hot windy day.

Essential Bushfire Safety Tips & The Complete Bushfire Safety Book take you step by step through every aspect of  preparation & understanding how to defend, leave or shelter, safely from a bushfire threat

Excerpt from Essential Bushfire Safety Tips:
Have protective clothing handy.
Ceiling space inspection hole open, with water-filled containers and torch inside it. Water sprayers, mops etc. around house. 
Check where family members intend to be during the day. Check through emergency action plans with each person. 
Bring pets close to the house. Move livestock to stock refuge. Check their water.
Check that each window is clear of vegetation. If not, remove it. Check that gas cylinders have vents facing away from house.
Monitor radio, internet or rural brigade listening set for bushfire bulletins.  Do not depend on internet. Look out the window.
Recharge mobile phones. Back up computer to memory stick or external hard drive.
Whether planned decision is to stay or go, inform neighbours of your intention.

These action plan tips may seem similar to those in official brochures - but, as posted before,  the first detailed home safety action plan was devised by me and published in 1986 in The Complete Australian Bushfire Book. Authorities created theirs from this. Though not as detailed as in my books.