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Testimonials for

Essential Bushfire Safety Tips 


The Complete Bushfire Safety Book

From bushfire authorities, and householders.

Essential Bushfire Safety Tips

 Senior Principal Research Scientist (Retired), former Head CSIRO Bushfire Behavior and Management, N P Cheney PSM FIFA:
This book is a valuable community resource.  I believe that the advice given has saved and will continue to save lives and property in the future.

Former Commissioner for Emergency Services, Bruce Esplin:
‘Now more than ever communities communities must have access to material prepared not only by the fire agencies, but also by other credible sources – material that is comprehensive and is written in a way that is easily understood and which will lead to actions being taken that mitigate risk to lives and property. ‘The 3rd edition of Joan Webster’s book provides such material. It has potential to help save lives and homes.’

Steven Warrington, Deputy Chief Officer Country Fire Authority, Victoria:
‘This is truly an outstanding achievement and a book that certainly could help save lives within the community.’

The Fireman, review ‘Community members should read this book’

Community Safety Officer, NSW Rural Fire Service:
‘As a practitioner in this area, a concise yet comprehensive resource such as Essential Bushfire Safety Tips 3rd edition is invaluable.’

CFA volunteer:
‘There would be fewer bushfire deaths if more people read the book.’

Staging Area Manager, CFA Dandenong Ranges Group:
‘In my opinion, it is the best written on the subject of how to prepare oneself, one’s home and to be acutely aware of the area they live in. The accurate information supplied in the book can only contribute to the saving of lives and property.’

Warrandyte, Victoria:  ‘This is BRILLIANT!!! Thank you for bringing some sanity to this skewed debate.’ 

Sydney: ‘This is really great info for all of us. We really do live in a beautiful land. We just have to know how to live in it safely.’

Editor, Natural Hazards Observer, Natural Hazards Center, University of Colorado-Boulder
‘Though it is written for Australia, it’s lessons are universal.’

The Complete Bushfire Safety Book

Senior Principal Research Scientist, Bushfire Behaviour & Management Group, CSIRO National Bushfire Research Unit, Phil Cheney:
`This book is so important. ... ...I commend this book to every Australian. I urge you to consider the information and advice and put it into practice if you live or travel in rural Australia.  It could save your life'.

David Packham OAM, Former Deputy, Director of the Australian Counter Disaster College and of the National Centre for Rural Fire Research:
`Essential for house-holders in the Blue Mountains, Dandenongs and Adelaide Hills as compulsory reading, especially by those who do not think they have a problem'.

The 'Fireman' Journal (CFA Victoria):
'There is no doubt that anyone who reads this book, and gives due weight to the information it contains will survive their next bushfire.  No household in afire prone areas should be without a well read copy ... the most authoritative publication of its type available'.

NSW Bushfire Brigades Association former Secretary, Martin Pedder:
'I want every country dweller in NSW to read and understand this book. A masterpiece’.

Blue Mountains City Council:
'We always recommend your book when discussing bushfires and associated problems with concerned residents.  'We will continue to promote it to anyone'.

The Volunteer, journal of the Country Fire Service South Australia:
'This is an important book that cannot be overlooked – it is essential reading for every householder in bushfire prone areas...’

CFS Prevention and Community Awareness Officer, Country Fire Service South Australia:
An excellent resource and something all residents should consider purchasing.’

The Tasmanian Fire Commission:
'We will bring to the public's attention the value of The Complete Australian Bushfire Book’.

R.L. Burke, Senior Inspector Queensland Rural Fires Board:
`It is my pleasure to recommend the authoritative fire control book The Complete Australian Bushfire Book  by Joan Webster’

W.K. Godwin, Senior Fire Control Officer, Bush Fires Council of The Northern Territory:
'Your book has been well accepted in the Northern Territory.  All Bush Fires Council's Field Staff have been issued with personal copies and have shown, and spoken about the virtues of the book at Volunteer Brigade and Regional Committee Meetings.  We will continue to publicly recommend the book.'

Rural Fire Division, Queensland Fire Service:
`The Division sees great merit in dispersing information about your book’.

Fire Australia, journal of the Australian Fire Protection Association:
`There is something for every urban-fringe and country property owner, city holiday-maker and traveller, farmer, hobby farmer, resort proprietor, bushwalker, school, hospital and other institution should know’.

Major General B.W, Howard, Director General, Natural Disasters Organisation, Commonwealth Department of Defence:
' The book forms part of the public reference material on bushfires for this Organisation and its training arm, the Australian Counter Disaster College’.

Australian Disaster Research Directory:
`Its succinct and well-structured layout would make it an ideal text for course work in school classes … and for relevant training organisations associated with disaster, welfare, planning and government aspects’.

Emergency Management Australia, Department of Defence:
`An excellent publication that continues to remain current.’

G.F. Boileau, Acting Assistant Director Corporate Services, Victoria State Emergency Service:
'Excellent and comprehensive. I congratulate you '

South Australian Police Department:
 'A valuable reference source.’

National Safety Council of Australia
`This is a book everyone should read’

Department of School Education, NSW Government:
`The Learning Materials Committee of the Department of School Education considers the content of your book suitable for use in NSW Government Schools.

W. J. Bainbridge, Assistant General Manager, Resources, Victorian Education Department, in a memorandum to Principals of Schools in Fire Hazard Areas:
 `I suggest that you give serious consideration to the purchase by your school of Joan Webster’s  The Complete Australian Bushfire Book’.

Australian Institute of Building Surveyors:
`Urgent! Please read this book. It is complete. Also entirely readable’.

Anne Williams, Extension Officer, Department of Natural Resources and the Environment 1998:
 `A wonderful book’.

Anna Wright, Community Fireguard facilitator, Darlington WA: ‘I do believe it is a book which saves lives. It has made a huge difference to my sense of reasonable empowerment just knowing what I need to do before during and after the fire and having the evidence that it is do-able’.

Keith Fisher, Country Fire Authority Region 7, North Geelong:              
`A wonderful book. I will promote it to CFA Community Education, to our Community Action groups and all brigades in the area’.

Helen Wositzky, Community Fire Guard facilitator, Region 13,Yarra Ranges, Victoria: ‘This season I made up a kit for all our presenters & facilitators, added both full book & safety tips to each kit, so they will be getting a showing around our CFG groups. Congratulations on an excellent resource’.

Country Fire Authority Brigade Captain, Strathlbyn:
'Without doubt the best book of its type published.  I have used its material for lecturing and for crew members' study.'

Ex-captain Country Fire Authority Brigade, Emerald:
'I held a copy of The Complete Australian Bushfire Book up in a crowded newsagent's and said "This is the best book ever written!  Everybody in Australia should read it”. ’


Buxton/Taggerty, Victoria:
‘Your book was critical in helping to deal with the wildfires on Black Saturday.’

Romsey, Victoria:
`Your book has helped us make decisions about what we will do. It has given us confidence.’

Wombat Forest, Daylesford, Victoria:
 `This book took the fear away from staying with our home’

East Gippsland  
‘You have made a big difference to the fire preparedness of a family in East Gippsland. I am not in the habit of looking up writers of books and lauding them, in fact I would normally be very disinclined to do so, but really, when we keep referring to your books like we have been, I want to give you total credit for informing us so well. For example, today (a day of fire danger) our family had a different sort of day than we would have had we not read your books.’

Bruthen, Victoria
‘Your book does save lives, and when not saving lives it saves sanity. I was able to refer back to your book so many time, I'm someone who needs to know I'm doing everything I can and in the right way, your book gave me the knowledge to help myself and others.’

Central Goldfields, Victoria.
`For a couple of city slickers who are moving to the country in just two weeks, your incredibly comprehensive and user-friendly book is absolutely essential’.

Essendon, Victoria:
`I believe it to be a valuable work of Australian lifestyle and design for building and tragedy avoidance.’

Upwey, Dandenong Ranges, Victoria:
Mrs Tricia Wright was away from her Bellbrook Rd., Upwey home in January 1997 when bushfire devastated her outer Melbourne Dandenong Ranges suburb. Her 22 year-old daughter was home on her own. The young woman single-handedly saved her family’s home while those of neighbours burned down. Theirs was the only house left standing in the street.
Mrs Wright said: ‘Your book was the only thing that kept me sane while I was away during the bushfire season,’ she said. `My daughter and son had been reared on it, involved in planning and practicing with it since they were small. My son came home after the fire front had passed and helped with patrolling and mopping up. Neither had any fear they would fail to save our home. They had confidence from the full knowledge and understanding that your book gives’.

Former timber worker, Milton NSW, Jack Wallace.
`I am thrilled with your book. Every household and school should have one. I purchased 40 copies at over $1,000 and donated one to every school between Wollongong and the Victorian border’.

Mortdale, NSW:
`In a country like Australia I can’t help but feel your book should be regular information in ALL our schools.’
`I’m writing to compliment you on your wonderful book. Every school throughout the country and the Shire Councils as well should be given the opportunity to see it’.

Martin Lack & Associates P/L, Kenmore Hills Queensland:
‘Your book is fantastic. We’ve been following its advice for ten years’.

Radio talk-back caller: 
'Joan is God'.